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Affordable Housing & Property ownership

Investing in our future

For economies to achieve sustainable Social, Political and Economic development countries and the world’s population need to afford good quality of basic needs.

Governance structures and governments need to deliberately dedicate ‘’adequate’’ resources to ensure their populations have access to basic needs (Food, Shelter, Clothing……..e.t.c). With time, new basic needs have come to play, these include transport/logistics, energy, health, Education…. E.t.c.

All basic needs are longer term investments in any economy, housing is one of them. Affordable housing has direct and indirect benefits in a country:

  1. Job creation in the supply and value add chain e.g manufacture, queries, exterior and interior design….
  2. Income to authorities in form of taxes. This in return can be used to meet the country budget needs and Fiscal spending
  3. Improved purchasing power to residents as rental expenses reduce or are converted to a home ownership payment plan.
  4. Improved net worth of home owners. Value appreciation on property has a net increase of the monetary value of individual/company. This appreciation in value can be liquidated ‘’Equity Realise’’
  5. Assets and Capital growth by all stakeholder in the value chain i.e. Buyer, Developer, sellers/Real estate agents, Manufactures, Landlords……e.t.c
  6. Improved financial and socially stability in families/society

To maximize and sustain home and property ownership benefits

  1. Maintain a stable and adequately affordable supply of housing through joint ventures, subsidies construction raw material or  tax holidays on construction projects
  2. Minimize corruption in the construction industry and the real estate supply chain
  3. Governments and other authories to maintain and invest adequately on infrastructure development e.g. Roads, Elec/Energy, Water and sanitation…e.t.c
  4. Use of renewable energy to be encouraged in real estate developments.
  5. Implement laws to ensure balance in environment conservation and real estate development

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